Sunday, November 8, 2009

re: Cheating on this blog with Animal Head Vintage

I didn't ever really talk it up here, but I started a blog for the vintage clothing online store that I run with some friends (hello, Animal Head Vintage) and every once in awhile post some interesting things over there that maybe you would like to read about. Also, if you like seeing girls wearing animal masks and wearing old clothing, that is the place for you.

Just last week I posted about a slideshow that Aubrey and I put together for NBC of pretty people we spotted at the Treasure Island Music Festival. Aubs took all the photos, of course, and they turned out really lovely.

Check out my favorite pics and extra commentary over on the Animal Head Vintage blog, or see the full slideshow over at NBC.

Or, don't do any of those things. See if I care. (snif)

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