Tuesday, April 7, 2009

re: Rainbow Birthday

I've already been scooped by Jordan, of course, but we celebrated Aubrey's birthday over the weekend and the two of us planned one fun party that was one of the best I have ever helped throw.

We got a group of friends together for a city-wide scavenger hunt. To add to the fun, when we handed everyone the first clue, it instructed them to go downstairs and hop into one of the small fleet of MINI convertibles that we had rented for the occasion.

The weather in San Francisco was perfect for cruising in the MINI with the top down, and we lead everyone on a wild chase around the city.

First every car got a bag check claim ticket to a thrift store in the Mission.

That clue led everyone to the Seward Slides, where there were pieces of cardboard with the clues written on them at the top to slide down on.

The next clue was dangling from a string off the edge of Pier 7.

This led us to the Chinatown Fortune Cookie factory, where each group was handed a box of fortune cookies with the clues hidden inside of the cookies.

The last clue was hidden at the top of the Lyon St stairs, inside of little yellow balloons.

That clue lead everyone to Crissy Field, where we had a table set up with cupcakes and fruit...and several bowls of colored powder as used in traditional Hindu Holi Festival of Colors that we used to ambush the birthday girl. We threw the colors at one another until everyone was painted in a rainbow of chalky dust.

It was a perfectly surprising and colorful ending to the party, and totally worth it even if it is not as glamorous to drive home in your MINI wrapped in a garbage bag so as not to paint the seats fluorescent pink.

Don't tell anyone, but I think I had more fun at this party than my roommate did.

(and thank you paul, jordan and emily, for all the photos)


two forks said...

sweet! that looked like an amazing party...and i've been to that very hindu festival and have been covered in color! very nice touch!

scuz said...

this is o so cool! did you know that jed, my man, is friends with aubrey? maybe ya'll should come visit us in tiny town!

jocie said...

that is the happiest party i have ever seen.

thechoulespauls said...

holy crap that party looked like a blast! totally brought back a ton of memories with the places your scavengering took you

Greg said...

very cool!