Monday, March 16, 2009

re: Resolution Updates

Okay, so my desk might still be pretty dirty, but at least I knocked my Scuba Certification goal off this year's list of New Year's Resolutions.

(Without even meaning too, I also fulfilled my goal to dress like a ninja more.)

This was Team Scuba. We were sort of the ragtag bunch of all the other scuba groups. Everyone else had nice tarps laid out to lay their matching scuba gear on top of and all ran into the water in V formation. Our group showed up late every morning and one of the other divers walked by and even told us that it looked like a "diver had exploded" in our area. I felt like we were the underdogs in a Disney movie like Mighty Ducks or Cool Runnings.

In the end, it was fine. No one died. We saw a seal. And certainly no other group took glamour shots quite like ours:



Uh, Derek? Maybe you can take this whole photo shoot a little more seriously?
Thank you.
Not bad for a group that just survived the 45 degree ocean waters of Monterey.

(many thanks to em, unofficial photographer for the weekend.)


Erica said...

lol. LOVED the photo shoot. congrats for braving the waters of sf.

Betsy said...

You guys make those suits look SEXY!

wayned said...

I go for Gholdston's!

jocie said...

way to kill 2 birds with one stone. scuba diving ninjas are HOT.

MrsEm said...

Totally cousteau-chic

English said...

The mot awkward martial arts stances are the most deadly. Your brother will tell you that.

If you guys were a band (and I sincerely hope you pray about becoming one), I'd keep my "Team Scuba" calandar on Adam*. This is mainly due to his proper use of Topsiders and socks as accessories.

* Derek was a close second cuz he's swarthy.

bex said...

You only say that about Adam because I didn't post Marshall's shots with his overalls zipped open to reveal his manly chest.

I can email you that one. The internet might have exploded if I had posted it.

Janan said...

I am just laughing. I have known Pepper since we were little kids running around crazy and have read your blog back when it was Bex and Bets. ANyway, I also now enjoy so Verbose. And if I haven't creeped you out enough yet, just wanted to say I think you are one funny lady and I was wondering if you are looking for a best friend who lives a few states away. I am just still laughing.

bex said...

Janan! You win the prize for nicest comment ever. You can ask around - I am proficient in the long-distance relationship realm, and think I can probably apply those same skills to new bestfriendmanship too.