Monday, February 16, 2009

re: A New Blog

As if I do not contribute enough things (inconsistently) to the internet, I have started a Tumblr Photo blog. I got myself an iPhone for Christmas (thanks mom and dad) and have been using the handy camera to take photos of things as I see them, and can upload them straight from my phone. I am posting those pictures on this blog: So Verbose.

I'm not getting rid of Permanently Disco or anything crazy like that, but for a little more snapshot look of things ... check out So Verbose.


Damian said...

what app do you use to post your pictures? They are delightfully square so do you crop inphone?

I use/like camera bag, but it seems like everything is so landscapey, which only works when you are using the camera horizontally (as is my wont).

Tiffany said...

so verbose is my new hang out

bex said...

Damian! I just use Camera Bag too - Lolo and Helga both do nice square crops.

Tif. I post these photos just to make you like me.

Maggie May said...

i love your blog!

bex said...

aw shucks - thanks.