Monday, October 6, 2008

re: My House Guest

Jeff the Dentist came to town this week, and stayed at my house. I can't take total credit for him wanting to come to San Francisco. I think he caught wind of this guy Kai the Meteorologist that is his SF doppleganger, and was hoping to challenge Kai to a duel.

Jeff totally brought his A-game, as evidenced by the chums-that-look-suspiciously-like-an-old-dude-ponytail that he wears all the time these days.

Kai the Meteorologist got scared and faked sick all week, so the fight to the death never happened. Apparently everything else in San Francisco over the weekend was super boring, because Jeff didn't get that excited about anything.

I mean, cmon. Danny Hurley was even in town. Jeff?

"Boooooooring. I would rather read my book Romance of the Dragons than talk to the 15 other people sitting in the living room right now.

Okay. Maybe you would rather go see some free music in Golden Gate Park at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival? I hear that MCHammer, Iron and Wine, and Earl Scruggs are all playing for free.

And I hear that cute girls might be there.

And I hear that an overly aggressive dancing hippie might get tackled in the middle of Emmylou Harris's set by a member of the crowd who is tired of getting stepped on, and that as security drags the hippie off, the crowd will erupt in applause. (thanks for documenting, stewf)

How about that? Does that sound exciting, Jeff?

"{phone stuff, phone stuff} Were you talking to me?"

At least we know there was one thing that Jeff was excited about. Memphis Minnie's!

(come back to SF soon, Jeff. And bring Cameron next time. It isn't the same without you two here.)


Veeda said...

Yeah, that sounds like Jeff alright.

julia said...

totally - it's so jeff, haha. he gets excited over pizza more than anything i've seen. everything else is just 'eh'. i miss that guy.