Friday, May 30, 2008

re: Poking

I just wanted everyone to know that Collin poked me on Facebook this week.

He has a strict no-poke policy, and prefers to let the pokes just sit there rather than follow basic Facebook etiquette and poke them back in a never-ending stream of cyber-physical-contact or remove them. Well, the other day he logged onto his account at my house and forgot to sign out. I resisted the tempation to post obnoxious comments on all his friend's walls, but did decide to poke myself, just so that someone in the world would have been able to say that Collin poked them. I don't know if it counts that I poked myself on Collin's behalf, but as far as the internet is concerned, it is Collin that poked me. And I am sticking to that.

I guess I can't really talk about not responding to Facebook advances, since I usually let my event and application invitations just sit there so that if i ever feel unpopular I can always look online and realize that I have over 100 invitations to things.

I hope this doesn't make you stop inviting me to things, Facebook friends. One of these days I might join your zombie armies. You never know.


Cindy said...

I thought that was my Collin you were talking about and I was going to be insanely jealous that you were in his house. But then again, I will probably be insanely jealous of you within a matter of weeks.


It's okay if you just say no to those invitations. It'll be cleansing.

Erica said...

lol. girl, love that you let the invites build up. i'm just too lazy to click on the button. it's just fantastic that i can read the messages from my email rather than log on! =) have a stupendous week!

Chris said...

whoa, whoa, poked yourself via proxy of someone else??? Not okay. There are hard and fast facebook rules on that kind of "touching"...there's good touch and bad touch. That is definitely...a bad touch.

But really, who cares?

bex said...

i know. there seem to be a lot of facebook and other internet rules that some people live by and some people break. once i got fake engaged on facebook and a lot of people kind of freaked out about it. there are things that are still considered internet-sacred, i guess.