Monday, May 19, 2008

re: Bay to Breakers

Look who came to visit last week - Hoon!

She happened to come on the best weekend ever - Bay to Breakers. I've talked about this party/race before, and this year was no disappointment. everyone was still really drunk by 10am, but this year they were at least classy drunk.

There were, like, a billion Flight of the Conchords there, poisoning people with their gasses.

Best costume this year goes to the giant Daft Punk float. They even had a smoke machine in there.

And the best thing about Bay to Breakers is that if you forgot to wear a costume, taking off everything is a totally acceptable costume substitute. Right Michelle?

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Hoon said...

There's nothing like short little naked guys in tevas, strolling the streets of San Francisco. I think I might be ruined for all other men, thanks to last weekend.