Monday, March 5, 2012

re: Winning at Pinning

If you are alive and have an internet connection, you've likely heard of pinterest. Its a visual pinboard, and great way to collect all the images and inspiration that can be found floating around the internets.

Derek just decided to finally put his account to use the other day. While I've been busy pinning thousands of dollars worth of outfits I'll never own and pictures of parties too pretty to have fun at, it turns out that derek is a little more judicious with his pins.

The first thing he deemed worthy of pinning:

The innovative (but not necessarily attractive) Philips AirFryer Healthier Oil-Free Fryer.

I think the difference in our pin boards may be a glimpse into the difference of how our minds work (and how our spending habits might differ).

You can follow me on pinterest here, and Derek here. Prepare to be inspired.


Kathleen Frances said...

I saw one of these on Dr. Oz! He gave one to every audience member. Lucky ducks.

I would get one in a heartbeat but why do they have to be soooo expensive!

two forks said...

best. post. ever.

props to derek. i just explained pinterest to christian for about the billionth time last night.

bex said...

I'm glad Dr. Oz is following in Oprah's footsteps of audience bribery ; ). They are expensive! And I really want to try one before we purchase because the cynic in me feels like a french fry that hasn't seen oil is going to taste a little bit like cardboard.

Robin - just hope that Christian figures it out by Christmas time, because this is going to make gift-getting for Derek so much easier!

dannii said...

dear becca, i am amazed and impressed by both derek and jess (my husband's) pinning abilities. while i'm repinning every cool thing i possibly can (including your bright-colored jeans pins), jess is actually pinning things from real websites (!) that he finds on his own - like going through the freer-sackler gallery and the national gallery-london catalogs and pinning his favorite pieces of art. i just loved reading that we're in the same boat and that i can learn from both men's carefully curated collections. love, dannii