Sunday, April 17, 2011

DIY Party: Glitter Confetti Eggs

I'm a longtime fan of the parties thown and featured on Oh Happy Day, so I am so glad that Jordan asked me to add a few of mine to the mix on a monthly basis.

We posted the first party today - a DIY Glitter/Confetti Egg Game!

Confetti eggs (aka Cascarones) are like mini pinatas for your head. Traditionally, hollowed out eggs are broken over the head of a friend, showering them with confetti....and supposedly good luck (but definitely confetti).

We decided to shake things up in our hunt this year by turning it into more of a game.

Fill most of the eggs with confetti (in our case, Fruity Pebbles), but - one of the eggs in the batch is filled with gold glitter, and whoever ends up with the head full of glitter gets an awesome prize (besides all the good luck they have coming to them).

Full party instructions can be found on Oh Happy Day.

(special thanks to Robyn Kessler of Verité Photography, whose magic photo fingers managed to capture minuscule pieces of flying confetti and glitter, and her husband Shawn who knows things you wouldn't suspect about glitter and fruity pebbles)


two forks said...

i love the fruity pebbles idea!

bex said...

Yes! So much prettier than birdseed, but just as edible (except for the whole "sugar kills" thing).