Wednesday, December 22, 2010

re: Holiday One-Upped

I can't believe we are only a few days from Christmas already. Derek and I have been so busy trying to make our little apartment more like home and finish other projects over the past few months that we haven't even had time to send out Christmas cards or get a tree or any of the other things that make it feel like the holidays. Our one attempt at festive decor was this lovely paper wreath that we didn't even make ourselves - we had to win it during a homemade white elephant gift exchange.

Still, we came home and dutifully placed it on our door. Festive!

The next day, we opened up our front door to find this staring at us from across the hall on our neighbor's door:

Another paper wreath! But one that is much larger, and appears a little more complicated to create than ours, and with fancy writing and intricate ruffled trim in the middle. What are our neighbors trying to do? One-up our only attempt at holiday decor?

Well. If they are into showing me up, I hope they try to beat us in the "bring some homemade holiday treats to your neighbor" game (because some chocolate chip cookies sound really good to me right now).

For those of you that want to try your hand at one-upping us some more, you can find tutorials for making your own paper wreaths from old books here.

Happy holidays!


Alice said...

That's hilarious. Ya we have 5 paper ornaments on our tree...that's it...well now 4..because Finn ate one.

Bek said...

just remember, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. xo

elsabags said...

That's pretty funny- I like yours better!