Monday, August 16, 2010

re: At least I'll be a tan Bridezilla

I have officially entered into "my wedding is less than two weeks away" mode, which everyone always warns you is a little stressful. I was expecting a few hiccups, but was still surprised when my caterer tried to quit on me over the weekend, and my photobooth photographer announced that he had to have emergency foot surgery this week. Silly me for thinking that the most I was going to have to endure was a misplaced pin on my dress by the tailor or the bakery calling to say that they only have regular chocolate frosting for the cupcakes instead of double-dark chocolate.

(This is the x-ray of his foot that the photographer sent to me, like a doctor's note, explaining why he won't be able to man our photobooth.)

Still, of all the minor emergencies that I have been dealing, with, I think one of the most annoying is a tacky set of tan lines that I got two weeks ago. I haven't really seen the sun all summer long, which means I'm already unusually pale, and may have gotten a little lazy about my normal daily sunscreen application. The sun came out for a whole 30 minutes the other day, and it managed to give me a ridiculous tan line on my ankles where my capris cut off and on my arms where my sleeve hit. Really? Tacky, terrible tan lines, two weeks before I have to take all sorts of photos of myself looking pretty?

I'm sure I'll figure something out, but hopefully my next post won't be me bemoaning the fact that using self-tanner for the first time has left my palms orange and my ankles streaked.


Katie said...


I ordered all my wedding flowers wholesale and when they got to my house 2 days before the wedding they were the totally wrong color. With all the wedding planning stress I totally lost it and I think my whole family thought I was totally insane.

Probably because I am...

It'll all come together and be rad, I'm sure of it.

MrsEm said...

Oh noes! I'm sure you have a dozen people who would be glad to step in and help. Its your super power.

As for the tan, go to the tanning shop at Sanchez and market and turn yourself over to their capable, paleness-understanding hands.

Elizabeth said...

windex gets self tanner off your hands like magic. Just in case :)

Meredith Whitney said...

I am so freaking happy that you are blogging again! All of these amazing things going on and I have been like...where is she?! Yeah for your wedding and shower! Wish I could be there! (I will be in spirit...the creepy haunted kind) xo

Bek said...

i highly recommend clarins good, minimal streaking, and it will increase your self-esteem 10 fold.