Tuesday, November 25, 2008

re: True Love, part 2

I went to LA last week to celebrate the fortuitous union of Keith and Leslie.

(Aptly named and illustrated in this welcome sign by jared p.)

The wedding was held at a lovely little place called the Victorian in Santa Monica. And, yes - the event was just as special as the sign promised it would be.

Keith and Leslie are pretty popular, so there were a lot of beautiful people at the wedding to talk to and I didn't take as many pictures as I should have. Luckily Dave was carrying around his Super 8, capturing all the special moments. This is how you knew something good was happening - you would hear the loud 'whir'click-whir-click' and know to look for Keith and Leslie kissing or saying "I do" or something. (This picture makes it look like Dave is taking sneaky perv shots of people without them knowing. And. Well. Maybe he is).

They also had his really cute candy bar set up, where you could take a bag and fill it with swedish fish and rock candy and all sorts of other sweet stuff, as if all the cake they had on the table wasn't enough.

I don't actually know if the other candy was any good. I could only eat the watermelon one, since it matched my dress.

Also, I am speculating that maybe they got an embroidery machine for their wedding?

Because I noticed that the large doily where they stood to get married was clearly labeled with their names in large, embroidered letters. (Maybe this was just in case they got the wedding jitters and forgot where to go stand the way down the isle? )

And Keith had his cuffs done up all fancy.

They seem pretty big on putting their names on stuff, and are probably going to monogram everything they own, so don't try to steal anything of theirs.

I always like going to weddings of two people that I like so much, and this is one of those weddings where you just believe in two people being so perfect for eachother.

Of course, weddings are also a good time to be reminded that either you do have someone else to ride the proverbial bicycle built for two with..

...or if you don't.

Here's to true love. Congrats to the cutest ever K&L.


k8 said...

awwww! it looks like it was a lovely day. i'm glad to read a report!!!

Joanna Goddard said...

so cute! xo

Kylie said...

Holy crap! I didn't even know Keith was getting married! Tell him congrats. That is so awesome. and seriously, so stylish.

Broek said...

Prop 8 be damned, Claire and I are riding that bicycle into the sunset.

Other highlights include the magician and the cakes.

k tron said...

what! no mention of the magician!