Saturday, August 2, 2008

re: Living every week like it is Shark Week

I had the rare opportunity of actually seeing real live sharks during the infamous Shark Week last week, while all the rest of the world had to watch them on the Discovery Channel. Suckers!

This is because I got to go to Sea World when I was in San Diego. Sea World! I searched the whole schedule for the Shark Petting hours, but apparently that hasn't made it onto the regular line-up yet. I had to make due with feeding some other wildlife instead. Pointy teeth, yeah ... but no danger of this guy jumping 10 feet out of the water and devouring a seal mid-leap.

The rest of the trip we just tried to live as dangerously as we could. We sat in the Soak Zone at the Shamu show and braved getting killer whale pee water up our noses.

And we fed as much wildlife as we could find, including those slimy rays... duck out side our hotel room ...

(who apparently was the town gossip)

...and a SEAL or two. (this is a joke because my brother is a Navy SEAL, and I just cleverly used a play on words).

So pretty much it was the best Shark Week ever.

I also braved the wildlife of Hollywood to see one of the infamous outdoor films at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery screenings.

We watched the Thin Man on a big movie screen in a place where lots of dead people are. If you didn't think me fearless after that shark photo I posted at the top, I can only imagine how you see me now, knowing that.

And Jared and I got to eat falafel on the lawn (surrounded by dead people) while falling in love with William Powell and Myma Loy, the best part of that film.

All I know is that these LA kids know how to do movies right - two licorice choices, broek? (obviously I only at the Twizzlers. Red Vines = inferior, albeit less waxy)

The rest of those Hollywood pictures didn't have much to do with Shark Week, I guess, except for maybe the guy that Camille was hanging out with who had obviously been sharked.


Wayne Dahlberg said...

Holy crap Becca, your pictures make me laugh so hard. I don't know which is mo' betta -- the pics or the commentary. You have to tell me how to make those sushi treats! I would be king of the next B-movie night.

Alice said...

So cool that your brother is a Navy Seal. I tried that once...then instead decided to go the art route. I love the Thin Man movies. I grew up watching them. The Thin Man goes home is my favorite. There's a great scene with Asta and a statue.

paul said...

i'm putting in a definite vote for red vines over twizzlers...

Steph said...

i vote for twizzlers.

bex said...

wayne! the red vine sushi is easy - every time you were supposed to use seaweed, sticky rice and raw fish, you use fruit roll-ups, rice crispy treats and licorice. Take that knowledge and let your popularity abound.

Alice - aren't the Thin Man movies great? I am telling everyone about them and planning to model my marriage after that cute couple.

Paul. Luckily there is no voting when it comes to licorice, because you would spend all this money and time supporting a cause that was dead from the minute it set foot on the campaign trail. (right steph?)

Steph said...

right. i hope i'm not offending collin as i write this, but i don't really think red vines are all that. shhhhh