Friday, July 25, 2008

re: the best ever FHE

So, my friend Claire took over as head of FHE in the Berkeley ward and invited Elizabeth to come teach screenprinting this week. An activity that I would want to do even if it were not linked to moral obligation? This was enough motivation for me to gather some friends to cross the Bay with our blank teeshirts in hand, ready to participate.

They taught the stencil Drawing Fluid/Screen Filler method and prepared a few screens already with some subtle religious imagery, featuring men in ties, an industrious little beehive and some lovely seagulls.

Nikki was already pulling triple color screens after her first print. No biggie.

This is Kai, working as industriously as a little bee.

Right now you might be thinking to yourself, "Gee that dude Kai sure looks like that dude Jeff the Dentist that used to appear in all bex's blog posts."

This is true - they do look alike - see?

Jeff the Dentist:

Kai the Meteorologist:

Lest you think I am trying to pull an Aunt Viv switch ala the two moms of Fresh Prince, I will assure you that they are different people and give you one thing to distinguish between the two of them. Jeff the Dentist is not quite as domestic as Kai the Meteorologist. He would probably never be caught dead in an apron:


Ems said...

man...I think my last FHE was like basketball or something. you SFers have way too much cool.

Senja said...

really cool!
and fabian!

Erica said...

love it lady! you kill me. props to you for an awesome fhe. way to celebrate the pioneers w/ designs!

emily said...

I'm only going to Berkeley FHE's from here on out (claire!)

k8 said...

whoa! i didn't know Kai was an SF boy now. small world.

bex said...

yep. we inherited Kai and Fabian! I have decided we are open to new friends here in San Francisco, but only if they look like old friends that used to live here before they moved away.