Thursday, June 19, 2008

re: New York or Not

I just got back this week from the longest ever trip to New York. Now it is time to play a fun game called "look at all the people I got to hang out with." The trick of the game is to figure out which people were real live New York residents and which ones were fakers just like me. (Turns out, I planned a trip while half of Utah was out in NYC)


Kristin in Central Park. I wish I were friends with the guy in the speedo.

Steven at the MURAKAMI exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum.

Helen at our picnic in Prospect Park, after we get kicked out of the Botanical Gardens for bringing our illegal food inside.

Wait. Let's try a photo of Helen taken through the blublockers. Whoa. That is much better. Rawr.

Chris and Davey at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens on the hottest day of the year. Chris normally looks a lot taller, but I think his butt was melting in this picture.

JLC just being all famous and stuff on the train.

Birthday BBQ with Stephen (and Peter's arm) on the roof. Birthday suit not pictured here.

Eva and Kirk of Sycamore Street Press at the Renegade Craft Fair (before getting totally rained out).

The Faulkner brothers at Coney Island, about to hit the Wonder Wheel. Kristin and I played the best trick on Ben, making him think these were just two random dudes that we met in line at the park and decided to hang out with all day long.

Brig and Collin, just being all New York.

Suvi, rocking the mic during a Rock Band sesh.

Di at Magnolia. You can't tell that we just stuffed ourselves with banana pudding and red velvet cake. But we did.

Chris R (who doesn't usually look like he wants to punch people in the face) picnicing at park.

Derek on the Brooklyn Bridge. Well, 2 feet above the Brooklyn Bridge. Who doesn't love jumping pictures?

Ben at the MOMA, bathed in the light of the Olafur Eliasson exhibit.

Now you probably want me to tell you the results of the game, right? You were probably scrolling down this whole post, taking painstaking notes about which people you thought were the real new yorkers? Well. This is the part of the game where I ruin everything when i tell you that I am not posting the answers. And then I try to make you feel better by showing you these dogs that I saw in Brooklyn walking eachother.

Thanks for the good times, New York and all the people inside of it.
(More photos coming soon right here.)


Erica said...

welcome home! seriously, one love the last pic! two, do you know him? and three, i'm envious of your run-in w/ derek. lots of love w/ this post.

Betsy said...

Kristen: Utah!
Steven: Utah!
Helen: New York!
Chris: Utah!
Davey: Utah!
Jared: New York!
Stephen: New York!
Eva & Kirk: Ohio!
Unknown Faulkner Brother: Utah!
Kirk Faulkner: New York!
Collin: New York!
Brigham: New York!
Suvi: New York!
Di: New York!
Chris R: New York!
Derek: New York!
Ben: New York!
Dogs: New York!

bex said...

bets, you are GOOD. you even got the trick of the bunch, that was Ohio.

Betsy said...

Seriously? I got them all right? There were some serious guesses in that mix. And I had to do internet research to the Ohio ones. Thank heavens for lazy Sunday afternoons.

p.s. I so owe you an email. 'Tis forthcoming.

SummerChild said...

You had the most amazing New York trip ever. So glad I got to see you multiple times that first Sunday-- it was such a treat to see you on the church bus! Come again soon!

paul said...

that guy in the speedo has a striking resemblance to the guy who had the roof-top birthday bbq...

marshall p said...

hey, heartbreaker.

The UnMighty said...

Gosh, I don't even dare speculate. They all look so savvy.

paul said...

it seems like there hasn't been a new post for the longest time ever...

bex said...

seriously. there has been too much fun happening to write about any of it. i am working on some updates, but i hope you havent been holding your breath for them because you are probably dead right now if you were.