Tuesday, April 8, 2008

re: Starting Over

Maybe it was that I got one too many emails with the subject line "your blog sucks now," or perhaps it is because every time I did anything noteworthy, I thought in terms of how it would look to blog about it later. But, I think it is finally time to get back out here on the internet and start a blog of my own.

I will admit - even though I was 1/2 of the new awesome for 2 years, starting my own blog feels daunting and somehow more self-indulgent than when I was sharing the limelight with bets; daunting because I used to only have to come up with half the content for the blog and I don't know if I have enough interesting things to put up all by myself (plus, consistency has never been a strong point of mine), and self-indulgent probably because if you haven't noticed, all I do when I blog is post photos of myself on the internet, but somehow it seemed less "look at me" when I was sharing that responsibilty as well.

I actually flirted with the idea of a solo blog in the past (once upon time I briefly tried to start another secret solo blog where I posted weird photos of my friends and made up silly fake stories about them. It lasted 3 whole posts and I never actually told anyone about it). But I suppose there is something sort of exciting about getting to reinvent myself a little and do whatever I want here. Though I imagine that my blogging style will probably still be a lot like how i blogged on TNA, now that I have my own blog I might start posting about crafts, or daschunds, or appendix jokes more often. I just don't know. We'll just have to see, won't we?

So here I am, internet. Rock you like a hurricane.


Damian said...

thanks for the (l)ink.

googloop forever!

k tron said...


jordan said...

I found your secret blog.

ps: I wish you had gone further with the other blog with your friends' pictures it was funny.

Erica said...

done. happy reading trails to me!

Steph said...

i'm so glad you're back. :)

Anonymous said...

anyone who posts "rock you like a hurricane" is worth a read. for shiz.

whitney said...

I'm so glad you're back to blogging! I always laugh and laugh when I read your blogs.


k8 said...

this is great internet news. i have missed your adventures bex.